Why Rwanda ?

Rwanda was selected for its temperate tropical highland climate that is cool and favourable all year round. This hilly region has just the right pick of nutrient rich soils, with abundant organic matter. They draw ideal temperatures and rainfall ensuring undisrupted growth and transition to maturity.

Due to these factors, and our most valuable commodity; nutrient rich soils that are found in Rwanda, the taste of our produce is wonderful, adding natural flavours to every plate.

Why Souk Farms?

At SOUK Farms, we’re committed to staying on the leading edge, as we fully understand how to leverage the market demands by running seamless supply of healthy products.

  • Being the leading exporter of fresh horticultural produce from Rwanda.
  • We practice sustainable growing techniques in Rwanda’s rich fertile soils with highorganic content
  • Working with local farmers and out growers, which supports the livelihoods of everyone involved giving them economic freedom
  • Our experience can be measured with how we seamlessly run operations and deliver to our clients.

Our Farms

SOUK Farms owns and successfully manages farms across Rwanda. Our farming operations span over 150 hectares of land.

Our farms are located in Nyanza district, Rwamagana district and Nyagatare district.

We work with over 1,200 outgrowers and contract farmers across the country. Thus, making SOUK Farms the largest horticulture farming company in Rwanda.

Despite the challenges brought about by climate change and disruptive rainfall patterns, we have invested in researching sustainable methods to keep the farms running and consistently supplying to our customers.

We focus on growth driven by innovation and superior business operations as the cornerstones of SOUK’s winning strategy. We cultivate a strong team spirit within our management and outgrowers and an unshifting focus on our customers.